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Hello Fellow Fitness Pros, 


We would like you to support the National Fitness Hall of Fame by becoming a

NFHOF Spokesperson Supporter for 2018, today.   


This is the best way to be involved in "The Hall’s" activities and events throughout the year.

  It is also the best way for us to promote you and all that you do to help and inspire people to "Get Fit & Stay Healthy."


This is a Win-Win for All!  

Spokespersons receive the following:


  • National exposure in our publications and Social Media outlets & Free PR and promotion in our eNews-Magazine and special publications throughout the year
  • Spokespersons will have a photo showcase on our website 
  • Use of Spokesperson Logo & your Spokesperson photo·  


I want to ask you to join with us now so that we can include you in our 1st publication of 2018.  (see below)
We are going to feature you on the inside of this magazine.  The magazine which have a tremendous amount of digital distribution via digital sharing but will also be printed and delivered to the top fitness CEOs and fitness businesses across the country giving all of us all a great amount of exposure and press. (We will get you a printed copy as well)

What we are asking of our Spokespersons:   (Duties & Benefits)


•  Pay the SPOKESPERSON Supporter fee of just $125 to support yearly operations.(Why the Fees?)

•  Tell others about our great recognition awards & programs that we hold throughout the year.


2018 NFHOF Programs: 

  •   “Super Seniors” Recognition Awards (60+) (April)
  •   Induction Ceremony (April 29, 2018)
  •   “Fit & Healthy Kids” Incentive Awards  (May)
  •   “Fitness with Style”- Video Challenge (August)
  •   Star Performer Recognition Awards (for Trainers/Instructors)
  •   Online Museum & Traveling Exhibits


Thanks for Joining!  It will be great to have you on the NFHOF team.

Sincerely, John Figarelli - NFHOF Founder


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Spokesperson Supporter Fee - $125

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My name is Tony Little. I’ve sold fitness and wellness products to over 40 million people in my career and I was fortunate enough to be inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2006, a highlight of my career.

I’m a person who always believes there is a way! I wanted to educate people on how to properly perform exercises before they go into their workout so I made sure to put that as a priority in my instructions.

I am happy to be a Spokesperson for the National Fitness Hall of Fame and want to invite you to join me as a NFHOF Spokesperson for 2018.