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On Nov. 18th Tom Campanaro is turning 70! 

If you would like to join us and send him a Birthday Wish, you can create a  message and we will put it in a Card/Booklet and get it to him before his special day. 

(If you wish to participate, attach your memorable message with photos & words to . Size 5" wide x 4" tall - Format PDF or JPG - Deadline: Nov. 3th) 

Sample messages of when Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 70 are shown below.

If you would like a copy of this special Keepsake card/booklet, it is just $5.00.  (Purchase not necessary).

Send a special B-Day Message to Tom

& get a copy of the special Keepsake Card/Booklet

Just $5 (+S&H)

Sample Birthday wishes made to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he turned 70 years old.