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A Terrific Gathering of Current & Past Inductees of the National Fitness Hall of Fame - Sept. 13, 2015

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What Has the NFHOF Meant to My Career?


The National Fitness Hall of Fame is the most prestigious award one could receive in the fitness industry.


The NFHOF not only recognizes those who have been leaders and innovators in the science and education of fitness professionals throughout the world, but it also enhances the lives of those who help improve the health and fitness of people on a daily basis.


The Hall is much more than a museum about the history of fitness icons as well as the eras for which they trained. It is about making the world a better place though health initiatives and using exercise as a means to connect to all walks of live. That is what the National Fitness Hall of Fame has meant to me and my career in health and fitness. I have had the honor and the pleasure of working with many different types of populations, including students and clients for which I have helped over the past two decades. I have also been blessed to be associated with the Hall of Fame Inductees as a Master Trainer. This association has given my business more credence over the past decade and likewise the opportunity to share and collaborate the many thoughts and ideas we all have with our experiences in the profession. These key factors are amongst the many for which the National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum has truly had a very important impact with my overall standing within the fitness and training profession throughout my career. None of my achievements would be possible without the support of The Hall and all of its pro members.

~ Mike Michelakis 

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